Yoga store. For your comfort, we offer you all that you can need for classes in the center and at home.

Here you can choose practical and very comfortable suits for Yoga and Tai Tzi Tsyuan. The material is elastic, it easily absorbs moisture, it needs minimum cleaning and practically doesn’t rumple. A good sports suit is that you don’t notice during your class which doesn’t need to be constantly straightened out or arranged and doesn’t constrain the movements.

You can choose T-shirts, sports tracksuit trousers of various models.

Pay special attention to classical Chinese suits for Tai Tsi Tsyuan and other directions of Kung Fu. There are suits made of silk, cotton. Silk suits have different kinds of colorings wide. For self teaching, you can get different teach-yourself material (books, disks) on Yoga, Tai Tsi Tsyuan and Tsygun and other kinds of practices. There is literature for wide knowledge in this area. We have tried to make extensive collection of relax music which, undoubtedly, will help you to learn more effectively and to have a rest at home. Classical Chinese, Indian, Peruvian melodies will help to relax and concentrate on the inner world. India and China can’t be imagined without aromatic candles, sticks and other aromas, and they are widely presented on our shelves.

Our shop is a compliment which creates around you the world helping to immerse in the atmosphere of the inner world, in harmony and happiness:

  • pleasant and comfortable sportswear influences on your touch
  • fragrant aromas influence on your organs of smell
  • pleasant quiet music pleases your hearing
  • subjects of decorative art please your sight.

If we add to all that two classes, one thing is sure to have been done; you will feel real yogi or master of Kung Fu.


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