Body Balance – a combination of movements from Yoga, Pilates and stretching and was invented by the New Zealand Institute of fitness “Les Mills“. Body Balance can engage people of all ages and gender, with any level of fitness. The possibility of injury is minimised here.

This allows you to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and soothe nerves. Our classes can be divided into three parts. At first you will perform exercises similar to yoga techniques. Movements usually flow smoothly into one another, so that the point of muscle tension is transferred quite easily. The second part of the training involves working the core and back on the floor. This segment is more reminiscent of Pilates training. The third segment – stretching and relaxing keeps us in the supine position on the floor. Some workout Body Balance include more elements and meditation in the last part. During this class our body has time to increase joint mobility and strengthen muscles whilst working with our own bodyweight and stretching the major muscle groups. Movements are selected in such a way as to increase the consumption of calories during exercise and rest. According to the developer, one lesson of Body Balance is able to burn up to 450 calories, so that among the “quiet fitness” it is a champion in energy spending.


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