Our center is called “Shakti”

“Shakti” can be translated from Sanskrit as “Divine Energy” or as “inner energy of a man”, and it sounds quite symbolic. Of course, like every notion in ancient philosophies, this one also possesses many other meanings, but the sense is the unchangeable that everything has the same substance, the same nature.

That’s why the slogan of our center is “There’s a whole universe inside of you. Discover yourself” which tries to show our desire and possibility to change ourselves for the better by our own efforts, as all we need really exists inside us and we cannot be separated from the world outside us and vice versa. To live in this world in harmony and happiness means, first of all, to come to understanding of all that has been said above and start using this knowledge in practice. As a result, everyone will get what one is dreaming about and what has been trying to achieve all one’s life:

  • excellent health
  • physical harmony of body, mobility, plasticity, force and beauty
  • emotionalandpsychichealth
  • harmony in communication with people
  • self-knowledge and knowledge of the world

Finally, it will lead to a long-awaited and desired by everybody human happiness. And, to get all the above mentioned moments separately is rather difficult. The whole harmony of a human being consists of all these units simultaneously, so if a man is ill, emotionally unbalanced, and weak, physically and spiritually, just only one of these aspects will become like an insuperable wall which separates a man from the state of self comprehension of what is to be happy.It can be understood easily, if we take, for example an automobile Ferrari, and remove a wheel from it. The car still is wonderful, everything is perfect, the engine works and the set computer system is perfect too, but you can’t get anywhere until you fasten back the wheel. There is a conclusion that all the systems must work perfectly. But, a man is a more sophisticated phenomenon than a car, you can’t replace a head, or any other organ, it won’t work. Everyone has an interrelation between one’s emotional and mental state and one’s feeling that can’t be found in a car. Special body exercises can have as favorable influence as positive thinking that reflects on one’s feeling. And, this interrelation is so strong that there are a lot of things happening that can’t be easily explained from the point of view of traditional medicine or psychology. So, we should find our weak points and begin to work at ourselves and everything, step by step, will change for the better.You yourself can choose what is necessary for the present moment and can get aimed at either developing the physical, the emotional-psychological or the spiritual aspects. In the end, you’ll come to the comprehension of your own body, and, after that, to the total control over your sensations and emotions, and a little time later, you’ll notice that in spite of doing hard body exercises, you start receiving joy of movement and simply just from what is happening around you that, and it is sure, will influence your world perception. All this will make you more open and happy. Exactly in that, you can find the essentiality and effectiveness of these ancient methods that consider a human being like a single whole, like an entity, without trying to solve different problems separately from other aspects. These methods harmonize a man as a single whole, interrelating and interpenetrating him with the outside world.Our center can offer you two methods of achieving all these aims (depending on your preferences, physical ability and etc) which have demonstrated themselves through thousands of years like very effective systems of self perfection:

  • Indian Yoga
  • Chinese Tai Tsi Tsuan and its part Tsigun

A few more words about our center

Our center is located in a resort zone of the city of Albir. From the beach, let’s say, from the sea it is 300 meters. Its location, in our opinion, is very successful, on the one hand nearby there is a walking street along the beach, the center is in a pedestrian zone, on the other hand it is easy to get to it by car and to park there. As nearby there is a big public parking.We have tried to create in our center the maximum comfort for you. Unlike the majority of similar institutions the center “Shakti” was initially planned and projected proceeding from its original predestination. The interior of all premises is designed in classical styles of the Indian and Chinese cultures. Thus we have tried to create the sensation of rest, comfort and harmony which are inherent to these ancient and original civilizations.


Classes of Yoga and Tai Tsi Yuan are held in stylish and comfortable halls. These halls are designed with maximum comfort.

  • a spacious hall with natural light and fresh air, the area 90 sq.m. for classes of yoga is in the Indian style and has all necessary facilities and sports equipment
  • a picturesque hall in 74 sq.m. for classes of Tai Tsi Tsuan will please you with refinement of the Chinese furniture and as it is equipped with all the necessary things, including a wide choice of the sports weapons for classes of Tai Tsi Tsuan.
  • hall for individual classes, hall for training apparatus and for massage, the area 20 square metres. It is planned, basically, for personal employment with an instructor.

In our center:

  • limited quantity of people in a group (up to 12 persons max)
  • comfortable and decorated locker rooms and shower cabins
  • free rugs for yoga, towels, water, tea

But the most valuable thing is that we can offer you our instructors. When you come to our center, you’ll receive knowledge of Yoga and Tai Tsi Tsuan from the genuine, original keepers of the culture and philosophy of each of these directions, or from those teachers who were trained in India or in China and have got the knowledge and the skills directly from the recognized teachers who had made considerable progress in all that.

Masters of yoga from India, trained by the known Himalaya Gurus, skilled in Yoga’s various techniques, and also in an unique techniques of stretching which is our main distinctive feature. Our masters opened their centers in many countries of the world – India, the republic of South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Russia. These centers are now a success. And now you have this unique possibility to receive this knowledge and to feel yourself the effect from such classes with real professionals. It is necessary to notice that the circle of the people practicing yoga with our teachers, is very wide and among them you can meet a lot of celebrities.

Classes of yoga are different and very interesting

They include asanas (a yoga pose), pranayama (techniques of breathing), as for full relaxation, and as for intensive program, and, if you wish, fro meditative practice.

To everyone who will visit center Shakti, and has chosen the Yoga direction, it is offered to choose the suitable level of classes. The optimum combinations of the various asanas which are chosen for each individually, promote the achievement of flexibility, endurance and internal balance. Asanas correct your physical body, soon you’ll begin to notice, how your digestion works, and how the respiratory system, the endocrine and cardiovascular systems have changed for the better. Pranayama also makes a good effect on the functioning of your respiratory organs, normalizes the work of nervous system. Meditative practice will help you to receive a key for your nervous system and will allow becoming the owner of your thoughts and emotions. Mind and memory will become sharper, and people, surrounding you, will even tell that you have become kinder, more careful and tolerant.

Tai Tsi Tsuan

is a unique invention of ancient Chinese masters. Now this phenomenon is widely spread in the West. In China it has been been a normal thing already for a long time among the population. What is Tai Tsi Tsuan? Of course, this is a martial art and to call it gymnastics (as it can be often heard) from the point of view of the recognized masters of this art is not correct. For myself I have defined Tai Tsi Tsuan as the system of complexes of movements perfected throughout the centuries together with a special approach to breath and the state of consciousness in order to manage the work with the body at the level of sensual perception (not reflectively learned, and not supervised by brain, intelligence, but the sensual management of the body). It is very hard to explain in words the result, but it can be felt and discovered on the way of advancing in practical training, it can also be fixed and then be used with great success. Thanks to the fact that the of masters Tai Tsi Tsuan are at a level of direct sensual perception they have unsurpassed speed of reaction and the improbable force the secret of which lies on its optimum correct application and on the appendix, and they are fine strategists after having learned the possibilities and observed a lot of people, they feel they can construct the behavior as much effectively as possible, that’s why the masters of Tai Tsi Tsuan are great warriors, capable to win in the fight without having begun it. And besides, the complexes of exercises (in Tai Tsi Tsuan they call them forms) gradually lead all the systems of your body to a norm. The spine becomes more flexible, straight, the shoulders and the posture more straightened (the spine is extremely important in a human body, all the systems of the organism depend on its funcioning).

The muscles of the back, the waist and the feet become stronger. Excessive kilos disappear; the body gets elasticity and flexibility. The respiratory system is reconstructed from the superficial and frequent, as at the majority of the European inhabitants are used to breathe, to a deep and slow (belly breath). The Cardiovascular system begins adapt to intensive exercises, to correct breath, the short wind disappears, the blood pressure gets normalized, the person feels full of force and energy.

For all without an exception, and in particular for older people, such aspects of Tai Tsi Tsuan as Tsigun will be interesting. Tsigun it is a complex consisting of certain movements and belly breath which mobilizes internal forces of the organism. These exercises have no definitely expressed fighting aspect, but they tend to strengthen the organism. At the initial stage of exercises of Tsigun, they normalize the body functioning, strengthen all the systems and, finally, lead to health and longevity. A longer and a more serious practice allows to supervise the current of the internal energy (the energy of Tsi in the Chinese terminology) and to use these skills, for example, in different treatments (as it is done by the Tibetan doctors) or in martial art, getting an inhuman force and endurance. Besides, these are absolutely real things, I personally know a Tibetan hereditary doctor who uses Tsigun exercises and visually shows the management of the internal energies, transforming them into a diapason accessible to sensual sensations of the common man (something like electric lightening which is perceived without direct physical contact, or changing the state of the skin at a distance). But to achieve similar results, one needs years of trainings which are really necessary. But even at the initial stage of these classes you can already feel concrete results. If you have heart troubles, lung problems, spine problems and many other chronic diseases, it’s reasonable to begin with Tsigun.

Why do we practice Yoga and Tsigun in one center?

Ancient knowledge and Chinese representations of the world and the man are the basis of Tai Tsi Tsuan and Tsigun. The Chinese medicine is based on the same principles. Here, it is possible to see very accurate conformity with the principles of Yoga and the Indian traditional medicine Ayurveda. For this reason in our center “Shakti” we give you the chance to practice both Yoga and Tai Tsi Tsuan and to choose for yourself what you will like more. For me, for example, there is no need to choose, as I cannot imagine my existence neither without Yoga, nor without Tai Tsi Tsuan. In spite of the fact that these both systems are self-sufficient, I, basing on my own sensations, can combine the methods from these two practices and it helps me, I feel that for me it is an optimum variant. I take pleasure in meditation and in yoga asanas, and I can check up myself and my body in martial exercises of Tajtszi Tsjuan and reveal my own problems, starting to eliminate them with most effective remedies from both practices.

Besides all this, the forms of Tajtszi Tsuan, and, especially, if they are correctly performed, can give incomparable sensations of ease, and to say literally – sensations of movement of energy (in Indian terminology it is called the prana movement, and in the Chinese , it is the movement of Tsi energy) in the body. We live in the world, whose borders between the countries are erased, we can move with ease to different continents, study something new, select for ourselves all the best and effective, and thus, get faster to progress. Thanks to it we are really lucky. By the way, in the blossoming period of Yoga, besides this practice in India there were admitted just only two castes – the war and the cleric. Therefore there is no any contradiction between practicing Yoga and Tai Tsi Tsuan, but in addition to that there is only great pleasure what is possible. To prove this thought I want to cite from the book of a well known and a recognized by everybody master of Yoga, Svami Satyananda Sarasvati «Ancient tantric techniques of Yoga and Kriya»:

– «It is interesting to notice that in China has been elaborated a unique dynamic meditative system called Tai Tsi Tsuan. Though, comparing kriya-yoga and Tai Tsi-Tsuan there is little what is common, but they have the same main general objective. Both of them represent methods of achievement of meditation at the expense of a perfect equilibration and harmony of the physical, the bioplasmal and the mental bodies. In them both the prana streams (Tsi) are used in combination with the “raised conscience”.

Use the advantages of this possibility of what you have dreamed for a long time. Return yourself good health which must belong to you, composure and self confidence.

Also, at our center we have a cafe and a shop


After you have come to our center, we are sure you won’t leave us right after the classes, and next time you will wish to come here earlier. A cozy bar with considerable quantity of elite sorts of Chinese and Indian teas and the best grain coffee, will help you to have some more time after the classes, feeling like a traveler in a magic and fantastic Orient world. Silent Indian music of an ashram or sounds of Chinese Chzhen (a national musical instrument) will carry away you to the world of calmness and internal sensibleness that will perfectly get you prepared you for the classes. Therefore come to us before you class and enter into a state of relaxation, and don’t hurry to leave us to your restore forces and to fix the gained effect.


Also in our shop you can get all what is required for the classes: sports clothes and footwear, rugs for yoga, sports equipment, sports weapons etc. And, there is a wide choice of books and discs in different languages for self training. You can get souvenirs, ornaments for an interior from Orient, gifts, cult subjects, aromatic candles and oils and many other things.

Please, remember that the classes in the center “Shakti” are for everyone, it doesn’t matter your age, your strength, weight, flexibility, your level, or previous experience. Remember that our classes at “Shakti” center are for everybody, for all ages, for all levels, weights, previous experiences and for all kinds of physical and fitness abilities.

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