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In the cozy, romantic and luxurious milieu, is situated our wellness SHAKTI ALBIR CENTER, the right place to relax, regenerate and to revive your body and soul. Our high professional team, alongside with the peaceful atmosphere, scent of essential oils and luxurious atmosphere, are the stages of success in relaxation. For the relax and health seekers, we offer exclusive, authentic types of massages from our experts – the carriers of this culture- Asian and Thai specialists. Those, who are willing to rehabilitate, beautify and rejuvenate their body and soul, can confidently leave themselves, into the hands of our professional team of masseurs, therapists and cosmeticians. We recommend to our guests different range of special procedures, such as body wraps, salt and bamboo peelings, massages, body and skin treatments and special spa rituals. We also offer the qualitative, in-depth professional manicures and pedicures, using the ultimate aparathology and spa cares. The ultimate relaxation, well-being and pleasures, create every time, an unforgettable enhanced experience for all our customers. “Relaxing treatments 20 meters from the sea – What could be nicer”?


MANAGER MASSAGE  (back, shoulder, neck) – 30 min / 30€
Manager Massege is specially recommended for office workers or whenever the waist, back and shoulders are subjected to increased stress, and therefore tension and pain accumulate in the muscles. This massage includes waist, back, shoulders, neck, head and arm massage. This treatment combines several types of massage techniques.

RELAXING MASSAGE – 60 min / 35€
Quickly and effectively relieves stress, exhaustion and fatigue, on the physical and psychological level. It brings joy, good humor, a sense of inner peace and comfort. You will appreciate an agreeable and helpful feeling in the whole body.

CLASSIC MASSAGE – 60 min / 40€
Therapeutic massage is suitable to all with pains, knots and adhesions in the muscles. The greatest appreciation of massage is achieved in a state of complete relaxation. It is also helpful to keep the body in active estate. In case of a doubt about a type of effect of massage to choose, please, comment or leave yourself being advised, before or during the procedure, with the masseur.

It is conducted mainly through the massaging vacuum cans. This massage is designed to restore normal blood circulation and lymph movement, as well as to improve the activity of blood vessels in the troubled areas. This massage accelerates metabolism, leads to the decomposition of subcutaneous fat, thereby reducing the percentage of subcutaneous fat deposits.

SPORT MASSAGE   (stretching, deep tissue)    – 60 min / 50€
Sports massage is a therapy that prevents injuries, restores mobility to injured muscle tissue and boosts your performance. The treatment contains stretching and deep tissue movements. It maintains the body in overall better condition.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique that belongs to the techniques of therapeutic massage that targets the “activation of the superficial lymphatic system, to enhance the removal of interstitial fluid and large molecules and optimize their evacuation.”It can be defined as a series of maneuvers by very soft hand, based on a thorough study of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system. Very recommended not only in pathological conditions or functional disorders, but also as a prevention, and it helps to maintain a normal metabolism in healthy people.


ROYAL THAI MASSAGE – 60 min / 60€     now discounted  45 €
Traditional Thai massage therapy is based on expansion and contraction of the muscles and pressurizing on specific points along the energy channels. It stimulates blood circulation and neutralizes blocks, providing a feeling of comfort and flexibility, relaxation and health throughout the body.

“NUADA TAO” MASSAGE- PODAL REFLEXOLOGY – 60 min / 60€  now discounted  45 €

Thai Oil Massage alternates smooth movements and deep pressure, accompanied by tapping and rubbing movements to relieve the tensest muscles. Thanks to the kneading of muscles with palms, Thai Oil Massage releases tension and helps balance the free circulation of energy. The oil used is calming and purifying, ensuring deep relaxation. This relaxing massage combines the therapeutic effects of the oil, with the effectiveness of Traditional Thai Massage in clearing energy points and lines. Thai Oil Massage is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

THAI OIL MASSAGE – 60 min / 60€ now discounted  45 €
Asian head and face massage, which also covers the neck area. Improves the mobility of the neck, removes the pain in it, as well as solves problems with migraines. It wipes traces of fatigue, stress and anxiety. Also reduces the bags under the eyes.


FULL BODY MASSAGE COMBINED WITH AROMATHERAPY – 60 min / 60€ now discounted 55€
A Full Body massage relaxation treatment combined with essential hot oils. Contains different techniques of massages like Swedish massage, aromatheraphy massage and relaxing massage. The massage’s movements help the muscle pain be reduced. Aromatherapy helps the mind be released. Stimulation of the metabolism is improved.

ALOE SKIN REJUVENATION TREATMENT – 60 min / 60€  now discounted 55€

(After Sunbathing with 99% Aloe Vera Gel)

Aloe Vera contains over 200 kinds of active ingredients. After sunbath, the 99% Aloe gel from the plant helps regenerate the skin. With its soothing and healing effect, we can avoid the irritation and redness caused by sunburn. This way our skin can have a wonderful, sunny color.


ABHYANGA – 60 min / 60€
In Ayurveda, one of the most common massages, is Abhyanga massage. It works on several levels to minimize the aging process: lubricates, moisturizes, protects skin, detoxifies and rejuvenates, helps the nervous and glandular system, eliminates toxins, reduces stress, stimulates blood circulation.


BOUNTY BEAUTY WELLNES TREATMENT   (Peeling, Hot Oil Massage) – 60 min / 60€

This exotic beauty-wellness treatment starts with a warm coconut peeling, which clears your skin from dead epithelial cells. If coconut oil is used regularly, it will restore damaged skin cells. It increases skin elasticity and provides hydration, which results in healthy skin. Due to its high antioxidant concentration, coconut oil easily prevents the formation of free radicals and thus reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Chocolate (ie cocoa bean) contains flavonoids that moisturize the skin and stimulate blood circulation, making the skin better regenerate. It abounds in magnesium and zinc, which helps the skin against stress.

HOT CHOCOLATE BEAUTY WELLNES TREATMENT  (Peeling, Hot Oil Massage)- 60 min / 60€
Chocolate massage is a luxurious indulgence for your senses. This revitalizing and anti-stress body treatment based on natural Cocoa combined with vitamins and other natural active ingredients. The peeling leaves the skin clean from dead cells and smooth. The chocolate body oil based on natural Cacao, with a rich aroma creates a vigorous and stress free feeling. This rejuvenescent treatment helps restore the volume of the skin, increasing  its brightness and elasticity. It is finished with the chocolate crème with Cacao butter, Vitamins (A C and E), that will keep the aroma on the skin during the whole day.

CLEOPATRA MILK – HONEY BEAUTY WELLNESS TREATMENT   (Peeling, Hot Oil Massage, Mask) – 60 min / 60€
Enjoy the gentle touch of a warm-milky Honey on your skin and feel yourself as Cleopatra. This Beauty-Health Treatment begins with Warm Honey-Milk Cream Peeling that removes dead skin cells. Thus, the active ingredients can absorb into the deeper layers of the skin. Honey is also well-known for its anti-wrinkle effect, it moisturizes the skin and enhances blood circulation, improves skin metabolism, helping toxins effectively leave the skin. Honey contains about 11 vitamins, 33 minerals, 19 amino acids and enzymes, which make the skin bloomy and velvety, while milk and cream soothe and hydrate it. After peeling you can enjoy the pleasant, relaxing massage. Finally the theraphy is ended by mask.



REIKI – 60 min / 45€
Natural alignment system that uses Universal Life Energy, or Reiki, through the laying on of hands of the therapist to heal physical and emotional imbalances. The correct flow of vital energy through the energy centers called chakras, allowing physical, emotional and mental levels, are harmonizing.

Reconnective Healing is very different from Reiki, Johrei, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, or any technique you’ve known before. It is an evolutionary form of healing that uses light, information and energy to renew the human body, mind, and spirit. During each session you allow yourself to come back into balance and then you simply heal the way you are intended. The effectiveness of this new energetic frequency is known to facilitate rapid, permanent change that continues to work for you as appropriate for the rest of your life. The effects of a session will be felt on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The reality of its existence has been demonstrated clearly in practice as well as in research laboratories around the world.

THE RECONNECTION – 120 min / 90€
Duration of treatment (2sessions): 60+60 min The Reconnection is performed only once in your lifetime and it is done via a two-session experience over a two day period when someone is looking to progress or take a leap forward in their life-path evolution. This can be spiritual or in any area of your life. During the process, the energy meridians in your body are energetically activated and connected to the universal axiatonal net system, enabling you to be permanently reconnected to these powerful frequencies.


Based on natural, professional Spanish cosmetics of VIP level ALISSI BRONTË

PEELING (salts or bamboo) – 30 min / 35€
Body scrub that cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells. It also stimulates the peripheral cutaneous circulation. The procedure has a tonic effect on the skin and the central nervous system. Improvement of microcirculation reduces subcutaneous fat (including reduction of cellulitis), makes the skin soft and more elastic. The skin becomes clean and perfectly prepared for further procedures (massages or wrappings).

PEELING + WRAPPING – 45 min / 50€
Body wrap – really agreeable. It relaxes, moisturizes the body and brings detox effect. The greatest effect is achieved with previous combination of a skin cleansing procedure – peeling. During the wrapping is used algae-based on clay.

Wonderful complex – “all in one” – a luxury sensation for all senses at the same time. Peeling with salts or bamboo and clay wrap from algae.

PEELING + MASSAGE – 75 min / 60€
The maximum effect for your body, benefit of “2 in 1”, saves your money and time. Bamboo salts or peeling plus relaxing massage. HAIR REMOVAL (mechanical waxing) As a result of the wax hair removal, skin remains smooth up to 3-5 weeks.

Bikini line – 15 min / 7€
Legs (entire) – 60 min / 22€
legs – 30 min / 14€
Armpits – 15 min / 7€
Hands – 30 min / 14€
Extra zone – 15 min / 6€
Eyebrows – 15 min / 6€
Lips (superior) – 15 min / 6€
Back – 30 min / 14€


Based on natural, professional Spanish cosmetics of VIP level ALISSI BRONTË

FACE CLEANING (with aparathology) – 60 min /50€
Removes acne and toxins in the fastest way. After the procedure, the skin begins to “breathe” in a new way. It stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation. Ultrasound machine and finally a soothing mask, is used in the procedure.

PEELING + MASK (cleaning) – 45 min / 40€
Gently exfoliates rough skin, cleaning and improving the blood circulation. Soothing mask based on natural ingredients, with great anti-aging affect.


It improves blood circulation and muscle tone. As a result, you will appreciate decreasing of circles under the eyes, soothing of swellings and tightening of wrinkles.

Normalizes lymph flow, cleanses the toxins, has a great anti-aging effect.

Removal of superficial eyebrow hair, modeling it to a perfect shape.

EYBROW PAINTING – 30 min / 10€
Change or an increase of eyebrow using natural dyes and colors.

Change or an increase of eyelashes using natural dyes and colors.


Cleaning+ trimming nails + cuticles + shaping + standard enamel.

HAND SPA – 30 min / 15€
Peeling + oil + spa mask with natural cotton gloves.

MANICURE + “SHELLAC” – 60 min / 25€
Permanent enamel.

REMOVE “SHELLAC” – 20 min / 5€
Permanent enamel/cover.


Cleaning + trimming nails + cuticles + shaping + chiropody (removes calluses and hard skin).

PEDICURE + “SHELLAC” – 90 min / 38€
Cleaning + trimming nails + cuticles with special lathe + chiropody.

FOOT SPA – 30 min / 15€
Feet peeling + oil + mask with natural cotton covers.


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