Meditation – what is it ? Scientific words describe this concept as a “kind of mental exercise, consumed as part of a religious or spiritual wellness practices or particular mental state resulting from these exercises. “Different types and methods of meditation myriad, but their one essence is to allow you to learn to control your mind. Calm your mind and psycho-emotional component is a very important task, no less important than taking care of your physical body. This allows you to find peace and confidence in your thoughts and actions. The main reason for all disorders and diseases is stress – and stress is purely a mental and emotional phenomenon. In the absence of human thoughts and emotions stress can not exist. Learn to control the on and off negative feelings, thoughts and to intensify and focus the thought process. that is our task we learn to solve through meditation. By practicing meditation, you will find yourself and understand the difference between you and your mind. In our center every yoga class includes meditation and there are special classes where we learn the various practices (with sounds, images, breathing exercises or movements).


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