D-110 Gel nettoyant acide glycolique

A purifying cleanser for skin prone to impurities and hyperpigmentation

  • Clarifies, smooths, and refines the pores

Product Description

Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, penetrates the skin where it has a keratolytic effect. Allantoin makes the outer corneous layer softer, ensuring more efficient peeling. D-panthenol protects the skin from drying out during cleansing and makes it feel smooth and velvety.


Apply to the damp face in the morning and evening, and lather.

Leave out the eye and lip areas. Massage gently for approx. one minute using circular movements, wash off thoroughly with clear water, then apply a care cream corresponding to the condition of the skin.

Main active ingredients

Glycolic acid; D-panthenol; allantoin


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